ic_bus 23

Old Windsor - Charters School

via Windsor, Winkfield, North Ascot

Old Windsor to Sunningdale

Old Windsor

07:22 The Bells of Ouzeley
07:24 Straight Road
07:26 Toby Carvery


07:30 Osborne Road
07:33 Victoria Street
07:34 Arthur Road
07:36 Windsor Boys School
07:39 Windsor Girls School
07:41 The Prince Albert
07:43 Legoland Roundabout
07:48 Winkfield, The Hernes Oak
07:50 Cranbourne, The Fleur de Lis

North Ascot

07:53 New Road, Brookside
07:55 The Royal Hunt
07:56 Ascot Heath Library
07:57 Cranbourne Towers
07:58 The Gold Cup
07:59 Goaters Road
08:00 Audley Way
08:01 Fernbank Corner
08:02 Gainsborough Drive
08:04 Heatherwood Hospital (east)
08:06 Ascot Rail Station
08:08 South Ascot, Victoria Road


08:15 Charters School

Sunningdale to Old Windsor


15:10 Charters School

North Ascot

15:14 South Ascot, Victoria Road
15:15 Ascot Rail Station
15:16 Heatherwood Hospital (east)
15:17 Audley Way
15:19 Goaters Road
15:20 The Gold Cup
15:21 Ascot Heath Library
15:23 The Royal Hunt
15:25 New Road, Brookside


15:27 The Fleur De Lis


15:33 Legoland Roundabout
15:35 Imperial Court
15:37 Trevelyan School
15:43 Windsor Boys School
15:46 Charles Street
15:47 Victoria Street

Old Windsor

15:53 Toby Carvery
15:55 Straight Road
15:57 Bells of Ouzeley

Windsor Great Park 

16:02 Royal Lodge
16:07 The Village


Single, return and multi-journey tickets are available to buy on-board from the driver for sixth form students. These can be bought using exact cash or contactless.

Fares will be as follows in the 2020/2021 year:





10-Journey Ticket

Autumn Term

Spring Term from 8 March

Summer Term

Full Year

Old Windsor


Charters School








North Ascot

Heatherwood Hospital

Charters School








Ascot High St

Ascot Station

Charters School








South Ascot

Charters School









Term tickets are available Monday to Friday for a single journey to and from school on schooldays only. They must be shown to the driver each time the bus is boarded and must be kept available for inspection throughout the journey. If the ticket is not produced, then the driver may refuse boarding. These tickets are for the use of the named holder only. If the ticket is transferred to any other person, then the ticket will be forfeited and both the person using it and the person transferring it may be liable to prosecution. To apply for a term or annual ticket, please email the student's name and your boarding point to office@whitebus.co.uk.

Lost term tickets will be replaced on payment of the replacement charge. This is currently £15.00