ic_bus 85A/85B

Ash / Frimley - Collingwood College

via Mytchett, Frimley Green & Heatherside

Services 85A & 85B

Ash, Greyhound (85A) or Frimley (85B) to Collingwood College


85A from Ash

0720  Ash, Greyhound

0722  Shawfield Recreation Ground

0725  Ash, Shawfield Road

0728  Ash Vale Rail Station

0733  Mytchett, Crossroads

0737  Frimley Green, Wharf Road

0739  Deepcut, Woodend Road

0741  Deepcut, Cyprus Road

0810  Collingwood College

85A to Ash

1515  Collingwood College

1534  Deepcut, Cyprus Road

1536  Deepcut, Woodend Road

1538  Frimley Green, The Green

1542  Mytchett, Crossroads

1545  Ash Vale Rail Station

1550  Ash, Shawfield Road

1552  Shawfield Recreation Ground

1554  Ash, Greyhound


85B from Frimley

0739  Frimley, Johnson's Wax

0741  Frimley Green, Wharf Road

0743  Deepcut, Woodend Road

0749  Heatherside, Cumberland Road

0810  Collingwood College

85B to Frimley

1515  Collingwood College

1530  Heatherside, Cumberland Road

1536  Deepcut, Woodend Road

1538  Frimley Green, The Green

1540  Frimley, Johnson's Wax


Fares will be as follows in the 2020/2021 year:





Autumn Term

Spring Term from 8 March

Summer Term

Full Year


Ash Vale

Collingwood College









Frimley Green


Collingwood College








Collingwood College








Term and Year passes can be applied for by downloading the form here and posting it to us at White Bus, North Street Garage, Winkfield, Windsor, SL4 4TF.

Payment is made by online bank transfer or post a cheque with the completed form. Bank transfers must have the student's name as the reference. Cheques should be made payable to 'White Bus Services'.

Alternatively you can apply by phoning the office on 01344 882612.