ic_bus 83

Fifield - Cox Green School

Via Holyport, Moneyrow Green, Paley Street


07:48 Fifield Village 
07:50 Windsor Road (All Stops)


07:56 Tectonic Place Bus Stop  
07:57 Stroud Farm Road

Moneyrow Green

07:59 White Hart 
08:00 Jolly Gardener

08:05 Top of Church Hill, Paley Street  
08:15 Cox Green School, Woodlands Park   

Via Paley Street, Moneyrow Green, Holyport

15:30 Cox Green School, Woodlands Park  
15:40 Top of Church Hill, Paley Street


15:50 Belgian Arms BS  
15:51 Stroud Farm Road BS  
15:52 Tectonic Place BS 
15:54 Holyport Turn BS 
          Windsor Road (All Stops)
16:00 Fifield Village

Multi-journey tickets are advance payment tickets valid for 10 single journeys. Journeys are cancelled by the driver.
New tickets may be ordered from the driver (or the company) and collected from the driver the next time a journey is made. The driver does not carry ticket stocks so please make sure that a new ticket is ordered and paid for before the old one is used up or the driver may refuse boarding.

Term tickets are available Monday to Friday for a single journey to and from school on schooldays only. They must be shown to the driver each time the bus is boarded and must be kept available for inspection throughout the journey. If the ticket is not produced, then the driver may refuse boarding.

These tickets are for the use of the named holder only. If the ticket is transferred to any other person, then the ticket will be forfeited and both the person using it and the person transferring it may be liable to prosecution.

Lost term tickets will be replaced on payment of the replacement charge. This is currently £15.00