ic_bus L8

Sunningdale - Winkfield (Charters School)

via North Ascot

Sunningdale to Winkfield

16.30 Charters School, Sunningdale*


16.40 Hilltop Close


16.37 Heatherwood Hospital, Ascot

North Ascot

16.40 Audley Way
16.42 Goaters Road
16.44 Gold Cup / Cranbourne Towers
16.45 Ascot Heath Library
16.46 The Royal Hunt
16.47 New Road, Alleyway
16.48 New Road, Brookside


16.50 The Fleur de Lis

16.51 Hatchet Lane Cottages

16.55 North Street, Hernes Oak, Winkfield 


This service operates by request only. If requested to serve Cheapside, the service will run later to North Ascot and Winkfield.

*   Early Departures Notice;-

On Tuesdays ONLY the departure time from Charters School is 16.45, with all stops thereafter running 15 minutes later.

On Friday’s ONLY the departure time from Charters School is 15:10 with all stops thereafter.  This is due to early School closure.

Flat Fare of £2.00 for a single journey.