ic_bus L8

Sunningdale - Winkfield (Charters School)

via North Ascot

Sunningdale to Winkfield

16.30 Charters School, Sunningdale*
16.34 Recreation Ground, South Ascot
16.37 Heatherwood Hospital, Ascot

North Ascot

16.40 Audley Way
16.42 Goaters Road
16.44 Gold Cup / Cranbourne Towers
16.45 Ascot Heath Library
16.46 The Royal Hunt
16.47 New Road, Alleyway
16.48 New Road, Brookside


16.50 The Fleur de Lis R

16.51 Hatchet Lane Cottages R

16.55 North Street, Hernes Oak, Winkfield 

R Sets down by request only
* On Tuesdays ONLY the departure time from Charters School is 16.45, with all stops thereafter running 15 minutes

Flat Fare of £2.00 for a single journey.